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Intelligent Battery Chargers – 12 Volts

You need a battery charger that keeps your business on the move while keeping your expenses low? Discover how our charger series can save you money in the long run with our leading-edge reliability and ultra-high efficiency. The IBC Series is built to work – starting with 4 charging modes that boast best-in-class efficiency, performance and reliability. Factor in the capacity to act as a converter to supply DC loads as well as many other features, and you can easily see that the IBC Series really means business.

Ownership costs
are up to 2½ times
less than the
You get fewer
problems and
fewer repairs!

Ultralight one-piece
unit withstands
strain, vibrations
and impacts.

It’s rock solid!

A thermostatic
cooling fan and
components with
more clearance space
are optimal for avoiding
overheating and
increasing efficiency.

High-capacity semiconductors, high-voltage transformers and aeronautical-grade assembly. Get the best results from the best parts.

Take advantage of superior operational efficiency over an entire range of products. Better performance, fewer limitations and more latitude. Much more!

With our state-of-the-art microprocessor, you’ll achieve outstanding efficiency and ultraprecise performance, for best performance levels at all times.

Part NumberTUN412001TUN412002TUN412003
GradeIndustrial Industrial Industrial
Continuous Charging Power45 A70 A80 A
Charging Modes4 modes4 modes4 modes
Converting Mode1 mode1 mode1 mode
Nominal Output Voltage12 VDC12 VDC12 VDC
AC Input Voltage105-130 VAC / 60 Hz105-130 VAC / 60 Hz105-130 VAC / 60 Hz
AC Input Consumption8.3 A / 1,000 W13.1 A / 1,575 W14.9 A / 1,775 W
AC Input CordNEMA 5-15PNEMA 5-15PNEMA 5-20P (20 A)
Dimensions 8.3 x 7.3 x 4.5 in. 8.0 x 9.0 x 3.6 in. 11.5 x 9.0 x 3.6 in.
Weight4.5 lb / 2.0 kg5.8 lb / 2.6 kg7.5 lb / 3.4 kg
Price (MSRP)$293$388$584
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