Our Principles

1 – Make no compromise

When we create a new product, we always have in mind to make it the best. And because making compromises is not in our nature, we don’t follow rules intended to determine the price of a product prior to its conception or to predetermine its useful life. Our products are designed with components of the highest available quality and assembled with the utmost care using tools and instruments that have the lowest tolerances. Our suppliers are selected from an exclusive group of pros who have received awards for the exceptional quality of their work. And our engineers, assemblers and technicians follow strict rules that yield results and make them proud. We are not just any power inverter manufacturer – we are the best.

2 – Believe in your convictions

From the beginning, we knew we had the ideas and convictions needed to spark a revolution in this industry. Listening to nobody but ourselves, we charted our own course of action with a goal to building the world’s best truck power inverter. Our motivation was so great that no one could stop us. But how would it be done? More power, more control, more efficiency? In fact, it was all of the above, and more. We knew what we wanted and we did it.

3 – Be the best in what you do

We could have aimed to be just very good, but that wasn’t enough. We wanted to become the best, and prove to ourselves that we had what it took to be a big player in this industry. So we developed a highly effective corporate structure with a dedicated team of men and women who shared the same goal. But even with the best reliability record and the highest satisfaction rate in the industry, we do not take anything for granted, and we will continue to build on what we have accomplished.

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