The Tundra Experience

Tundra power inverters have many qualities that make them stand out from the competition. They’re made by hand by skilled craftsmen with only the best components. They deliver unprecedented performance. They offer the most advanced safety features. And they’re backed by exceptional customer service. These features combined make Tundra a brand like no other. More than just a manufacturer, Tundra is so successful in the trucking industry that it allows us to regularly test and improve our products. That’s why we’re always on the leading edge of technology!

Slide For over 20 years, Tundra power inverters have consistently delivered the highest level of compatibility with commercial trucks. Engineered to outperform all other products in their category, our power inverters offer the quality and features that have made them the industry standard. To put it in a nutshell, they’re the best in the world. DC/AC POWER INVERTERS WITH THE LOWEST COST OF OWNERSHIP Slide Better solutions for your business are always worth checking out. Find out why it makes sense to spend a bit more today to save big tomorrow, and how Tundra inverters can allow you to avoid the most common problems associated with using power inverters for trucking applications. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX HOW CAN A MORE EXPENSIVE INVERTER COST LESS? Slide Truck drivers have relied on our products for over 20 years. With its breakthrough technology and unparalleled quality, Tundra’s level of refinement is unequalled on the market. You can count on our products to deliver top performance and safe operation no matter what the prevailing conditions. REDUCED WEAR AND TEAR GUARANTEED SAFETY COST-EFFECTIVE PRODUCT Slide Tundra has dedicated itself to the trucking industry since 1995 with exceptional reliability, quality and service that have ensured our ongoing success. Today, fleet owners, drivers and owner-operators have called our products the best in the world. We’re not the only ones blowing our horn. DISCOVER THE TUNDRA CATALOGUE - INVERTERS - BATTERY CHARGERS - KITS Trucks Slide We have always developed our products with a view to offering our customers – and more specifically the trucking industry – the best possible value for money. If any Tundra product fails to perform as claimed, we will take it back with no hesitation. That’s our guarantee, and our promise. DC/AC POWER INVERTERS 100% SATISFACTION POLICY TERMS & CONDITIONS

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