The Company

History & Milestones

The dream of the perfect sleeper truck power inverter has always driven Tundra founder François Prévost. What began as a technical evolution quickly turned into an industry revolution. Through technological creativity and uncompromising quality, we not only managed to reshape the truck inverter market, we changed how business owners perceive and use inverters in their fleets.


Our Principles

Tundra is a unique company driven by the ideals of its founder and craftsmen. Our approach has never changed and will never change. Our values and philosophy define who we are, and inspire us to produce the world’s best truck power inverters.

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The Tundra Experience

Tundra power inverters have many qualities that make them stand out from the competition. They’re made by hand by skilled craftsmen with only the best components. They deliver unprecedented performance. They offer the most advanced safety features. And they’re backed by exceptional customer service. These features combined make Tundra a brand like no other. More than just a manufacturer, Tundra is so successful in the trucking industry that it allows us to regularly test and improve our products. That’s why we’re always on the leading edge of technology!

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